We have launched our own businesses internationally earlier. We Understand.



We spend time to understand the business in depth first. Thereafter, basis our prior experience of working in the different countries, we implement the most efficient structure to launch the business in the new country

Operate and grow

Business expansion can suck away un-necessary time and can creates exuberant costs if done incorrectly. We use the lean approach to build and grow the business at inception.

We work with the business' founding team to draw consensus on the KPI's. At the same time, we adhere to strict financial discipline to ensure that right culture and values are ingrained in the new country's team since inception.

We own and manage all aspects of the new country's business operations including:

  • Business development, networking and marketing

  • Recruiting the local team

  • Regulatory compliances​

transfer back

We aim for our partner businesses to achieve stable, scalable path of growth within a year of launch in the new countries. At this stage, after setting up the new team and also ensuring that the business starts seeing sustained growth, we hand over the business operations, along with the team, to the original business.

pilot LAUNCH to assess product market fit

Venture Funds and Businesses often wish to test new markets before launching full-scale operations. They compare different markets for business viability, product pricing, demand forecasting, cultural acceptability, along with other variables.

Time is of essence in businesses financed by Venture Capital. It becomes extremely difficult to conduct concurrent studies in multiple countries that can be coordinated and monitored centrally in a time-efficient manner.

We work with Venture Capital funds and their portfolio businesses to conduct such ​pilots.